7th Grade Reflection

When I first arrived in August I expected a good year. I didn’t have a good year, I had an awesome year! There were some rough patches here and there, but I learned to make the most of them and just focus on the good.

The 1st semester was awesome! My grades were fairly low and my friends weren’t getting along at sometimes, which wasn’t fun but we worked it out. I also started to work very hard in my classes to get all my grades up. I had a lot of fun going to the football games for west ridge and the high school. I had an awesome christmas and finished out the semester strong!

Semester 2 was also pretty good. My grades stayed fairly high and there wasn’t much drama; things were more relaxed. I had a really fun spring break going skiing in Colorado! Right now school is about to end and I am looking forward to summer. Hope everyone has an awesome summer(:

My Favorite Childhood Toy

My favorite childhood toy was my American Girl Doll. I got it for my 6th birthday and I was beyond excited.

I remember my birthday party when my parents gave me gifts. I unwrap the present. I see a big cardboard box with a shiny face peeking through. Her big brown eyes. Her soft silky hair. I was so happy because I have been begging for this doll forever.

From my 6th birthday party all the way to around 10 years old my doll and I were inseparable. We went everywhere together; I would braid her hair, we would “talk” and watch TV together and then when it was time to go to bed we would snuggle up and my bed and doze off.

I remember in 1st grade I would take her to school with me and one day my teacher took her away. What do I do? I began screaming at the top of my lungs and crying.  I told my teacher I was going to beat him up if he didn’t give her back. After about 30 minutes he returns her.

One tragic day in fourth grade my doll drowned in the lake. We were enjoying ourselves a nice boat ride and then she jumped off the boat. I jump in to save her, but it is too late. She is gone.

Week 3; My Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is: The best things in life are unseen, this is why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry, pray and dream.
This is my favorite quote because I find it very true. If we opened our eyes during those things they wouldn’t be felt by the heart. Few things can be felt by the heart, so why make them be seen with the eyes just like we feel everything else? Many things can make us “happy”; few things can bring us joy. Happiness is something that we see or hear that puts us in a good mood. Joy is something that we feel with our heart. Happiness fades; joy stays.

Barton Springs Pool

In the summer I am there once a week, it’s my favorite place to go. This special place is Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Park, Austin Texas.

I dive in to the cool, clear refreshing water. I submerge under and my body instantly feels better. After a few seconds I swim to the surface and take a big breath of air. I smell the fresh summer flowers newly sprung. I hear children laughter and adults talking. I see people tanning just enjoying themselves. This is how summer is supposed to be in my opinion.

“Clara!’ I hear from the other side of the pool. It’s one of my close friends Susannah. One fun thing about the pool is I always see people I know. We spend the rest of the afternoon laying out and jumping off the diving board. We lay our towels down and talk; for hours.

We have had a full day at the pool and head over to Sno Beach, Austin’s best snow cone trailer! Its about 6’o clock pm. We sit at the warn out table and look out at the beauty of our city reflecting on our fun day at Zilker.

Zilker Park sure has given me a summer to remember.


As the sun goes down, so does the city.

It’s a busy Monday morning, lots to be done for the week and a lot of pressure to start it off right! Cars are driving, Planes are flying, People are dying; trying to get to work on time, trying to get to school on time.

Its roughly about noon. Everyone has settled in where they are supposed to be (hopefully) it does not make the work any less stressful. Everyone is still wound up. Cars are driving, Planes are flying. People are dying.

5 ‘o clock. Things start winding down. People are stuck in the traffic, swaying there heads to the sweet tunes. The sun starts heading down. The peoples minds start winding down. They sit in their cars, anxious to get home.

Finally everyone is home. They sit on their couches gazing into the TV screen. The lights start to go down all around the city. The sun falls back underneath the earth.

The Snow Day

I wake up at 5:00am with my alarm blaring: ugh, just another day where i am already to tired to keep my head up right. My droopy eyes fall back on to my pillow.

“ting-ting” I turn on my phone to see who was bugging me this early; mom- school is cancelled due to ice on the roads. My body just seeps back into my bed, as my brain is chanting, Yay!!!

I wake up once again at 11, I look out my window to see my grass slightly covered with a thin sheet of snow, my roof to the guest house has a thick white layer of snow with icicles dripped down the sides.I want to go out and play in it, but i feel pretty much paralyzed.

Unfortunately, the snow melted before i could get up and go sledding or something like that. Later that night Susannah came over and we went hottubing in the freezing cold. We then made smores and watched movies.

I had the best snowday yet and hoping for another one tomorrow.

It is Almost Christmas Time!

“OH MY!” I thought to myself as I sit in my endless class. It’s almost Christmas. In my head I’m still stuck in November. As I turn on my iPad the date reads December 18. How can this be. I frantically text everybody I know making sure they get the warning that is Christmas is barley pushing a week a way. There is so much to do in such little time! How will I ever get it done. Although its my favorite time of the year I cannot even bear to think that it’s that time of year again. Oh my bugeezes! Hopefully I will get it done and have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Best of wishes to everyone, be safe and have fun! -Clara


Walking into the park gives you a “magical” feeling, actually indescribable. One like no other. The smell of turkey legs and Mickey Mouse. The sight of many story characters, tower of terror and lots of people.

Mickey Mouse kisses are the best! As I’ve learned from a week in Disneyland. I got so many cute pictures with him. It was one of my favorite things in Disneyland, my other favorite was the Starbucks there! I had it every day, strawberries and creme frappichino is the best!

I had so much fun! Thanks mom and dad for letting me go! 🙂


Rain. A funny thing if you think about it. In fact one of my favorite things. Something that can bring me straight happiness on any day. Something so simple, the smell, the sight, the raindrops trickling down my nose. Everything about it makes me… Well happy is the best way I can put it. Sitting in my freshly washed pajamas staining my blanket with the smell of laundry, eating warm, freshly-made cookies, watching my favorite movie that I’ve seen god-knows-how-many times while watching the rain fall on my driveway is my favorite kind of feeling.

House of Torment

House of Torment
Cold sweats in the car
Trying to avoid the gut-wrenching monsters in the parking lot
Among the gory-like walls
Through the house we go
Round the corner….
Oh my what was that?
Jumps to my friend
Protect me please